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Zack's Bar Mitzvah

March 13, 2017  •  1 Comment

               What a super fun party! The room was decorated beautifully with Masks Galore! Zack Did an incredible job Laining the Megillah for all attendees, followed by one amazing party! Hope You enjoy this sneak peek! Video highlight coming soon..

Venue: Sephardic Temple

Caterer: Genadeen Caterers

Music: Evan Al

Florist: Dalsimer Spitz And Peck

Photography & Video: Naftoli Goldgrab

3.11.2017 Highlights from Naftoli Goldgrab on Vimeo.

2-Isler Barm12-Isler Barm1 1-Isler Barm1-Isler Barm 3-Isler Barm23-Isler Barm2 4-Isler Barm34-Isler Barm3 5-Isler Barm45-Isler Barm4 6-Isler Barm56-Isler Barm5 7-Isler Barm67-Isler Barm6 8-Isler Barm78-Isler Barm7 9-Isler Barm89-Isler Barm8


THE BUBBY(non-registered)
Just Special and Beautiful!!!! It's thrilling to review these gorgeous glimpses of a spectacular evening.
Love you all and a good gebencht yur.
Love, Mommy, alias Bubby
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