Yehuda's Barmitzva

May 30, 2016  •  2 Comments

              One of the hottest days of the year Yehuda was super chilled and lots of fun to hang out with and photograph! I loved this whole families energy and enthusiasm throughout the day! :) enjoy the sneak peak!

Venue: Rabbi Scheinermans shul

Music/dj: DJ Sol

Photography: Naftoli Goldgrab


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Auntie Ali(non-registered)
Wonderful pictures! So proud of you Yehudah! I only wish I had been able to travel and be there to dance... maybe at your wedding? LOL
Vivian and Josh Corey(non-registered)
Naftali these are the most awesome pix ever! So happy that we hired you,you really captured our essence and enhanced our simcha
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