NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography: Blog en-us (C) NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) Tue, 21 Feb 2017 17:38:00 GMT Tue, 21 Feb 2017 17:38:00 GMT NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography: Blog 80 120 Mordechai Tzvi's Upsherin               Had some incredible weather yesterday for Mordechai Tzvi's Upsherin! The only boy in the family, Mordechai has 5 older sisters to spoil him! :) All in all I Had A great time photographing this family!


Catering by: Kreative Catering

Custom Cookies by: Iced by Goldie

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Coby's Bar Mitzvah                I had an absolutely fantastic weekend with Coby and family! From Friday afternoon photos in the snow, to hearing Coby Lein beautifully Shabbos morning, And of course who could forget the incredible Motzei Shabbos Party! Hope Enjoy this small sneak peek.. Video Highlight trailer Coming soon..

Venue: Doubletree Tarrytown

Party Planner: Devorah Deutsch

Caterer: First Class Caterers

Music & Lighting: Dj Yitzy Wadiche


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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) barmitzva brooklyn camera family goldgrab jewish naftoli naftoli goldgrab photography nikon ny photography portrait Thu, 16 Feb 2017 04:45:04 GMT
Shlomo's Bar Mitzvah            Shlomo and his brothers were real troopers about braving the freezing cold for some fun snow photos! Had a great time with this family of all Boys. I think the snow pictures we got were well worth it! :)


Venue: Congregation Shaare Israel

Party Planner: Daniella Sabo

Florist: Blossom

Music & Entertainment: Yossi Newman

Singer: Mendy J

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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) barmitzva blizzard family jewish naftoli naftoli goldgrab photography nikon photography portrait snow Tue, 14 Feb 2017 18:26:37 GMT
Esti & Moishe Engagement                           So awesome and Photogenic too! Esti and Moishe were an absolute pleasure to photograph last night! Mazel Tov on your engagement!


Party planner: Chavi Horn

Venue: Toras Emes

Lighting: Yitzy Wadiche

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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) brooklyn camera emes goldgrab jewish naftoli naftoli goldgrab photography nikon ny photography toras Fri, 03 Feb 2017 18:51:18 GMT
Meir & Zissi Engagement              Such a cute couple! had a blast photographing these two yesterday, especially loved the purple themed lighting scheme!

Party planner: Chavi Horn

Hair: The Wave Bar

Makeup: Makeup by Elisheva

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Dovid's Bar Mitzvah               So happy to the opportunity to have met this guy! Dovid was one incredible Bar Mitzvah boy! Or should I say man, with maturity beyond his years, from the short time we spent together I feel like we were already old friends! Mazel Tov Dovid!

Venue: Ateres Nechoma Liba Hall (BBY)

Caterer: Silver Creek Caterers

Music & Entertainment: Yossi Newman

Led Lighting: Yossi Newman

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Wedding of Hillel & Chana Miriam            A Simply Stunning Chosson and Kallah and a beautiful wedding! These two were such a joy to photograph! Mazel Tov Hillel, Chana Miriam and family! Enjoy the sneak peek! Video highlight coming soon..

Hillel & Chana Miriam 11.22.2016 Highlights High quality from Naftoli Goldgrab on Vimeo.

Venue: Ateres Golda

Florist: Hostess International

Makeup: Ruchy Gross

Photography and Video: Naftoli Goldgrab

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Simcha's Bar Mitzvah          So exciting to be photographing this family again! Simcha was only 8 years old when I last photographed him by older brother brothers Bar Mitzvah 5 years ago. The venue for the party was extra special being that it was in there brand new beautiful home in Waterbury!

Catering: Catering By KosherWorld

Photography: Naftoli Goldgrab Photography

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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) Sun, 15 Jan 2017 04:30:36 GMT
Benyomin's Bar Mitzvah          So happy to photograph this family again! Seems like just the other day when I photographed older brother Uri's Bar Mitzvah a year ago. Binyomin was a real joy to photograph! Mazel Tov!

Venue: Beth Shalom

Caterer: Pavilion 39

Centerpieces: Baloons by Sorin

Music: Nochi Krohn

Entertainment: The Shnitzi Guys

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Yitzi's Bar Mitzvah            Such a sweet Bar Mitzvah boy! Just from the short time I got to know him, I can already see Yitzi's beautiful personality shine in every photo! Mazel Tov!

Venue: Machon Basya Rochel

Party Planner: Dina Rogoff

Caterer: Oldak Caterers

Music: Mendy Fisch


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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) Fri, 06 Jan 2017 18:53:09 GMT
Yaakov's Bar Mitzvah              What an awesome way to spend the first night of 2017 celebrating Yaakov's Bar Mitzvah! So glad we had time to take a ton of fun pictures! hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

Venue: Yeshiva Tiferes Moshe

Music and lighting: Moish Warsh

Entertainment: The Shnitzi Guys

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Kalman's Bar Mitzvah               Such a fun Bar Mitzvah, And such a sweet family! It was just a few weeks ago that I got to photograph Cutie Pie younger Brother Aryeh's Upsherin photos. Now for the next Simcha, Kalmans awesome Bar Mitzvah! Such a Handsome Young man, truly a pleasure to photograph!! :)

Venue: Kingsway Jewish Center

Catering and Party Planner: Classic Caterers

Music & Entertainment: Nachas

Photography: Naftoli Goldgrab Photography

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Aylee's Bar Mitzvah             First Snow!! Had an absolute blast Photographing this beautiful family on Sunday! You guys were amazing about taking photos outside in the freezing cold, I think the results were well worth it! Mazel Tov Aylee!

Venue: Congregation Shaar Hashamayim

Caterer: Tasty Edge

Music: Yossi Newman

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Moishy's Bar Mitzvah                         A beautiful family of four boys and 1 girl! Thank you for allowing me to participate in your Simcha! Mazel Tov Moishy!

Venue: Stolin Hall

Caterer: Glatt Geshmak

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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) Monsey b&w camera family jewish naftoli naftoli goldgrab photography nikon ny photography portrait shoppers Haven stolin Mon, 12 Dec 2016 20:59:25 GMT
Yitzchak Meir's Bar Mitzvah            The oldest of his six Siblings, Yitzchak Meir is first to become Bar Mitzvah in this family, Just from the short time we spent together I can already see how Yitzchak Meir sets a great example for his brothers and sisters with his fine Middos and Derech Eretz! Such a pleasure to photograph this happy family on such a special occasion!

Venue: Shoppers Haven

Photography & Video: Naftoli Goldgrab Photography

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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) Monsey b&w camera family jewish naftoli naftoli goldgrab photography nikon ny photography portrait shoppers Haven Wed, 07 Dec 2016 05:35:47 GMT
Eliyahu's Bar Mitzvah                Have you seen a more amazing Bar Mitzvah boy!? Eliyahu is one Super multi talented kid! From his awesome skateboarding abilities to writing his own speech all by himself! OK, I may be a bit biased because Eliyahu is my Brother Inlaw :) But seriously speaking, So glad to be part of such a fun amazing family! Enjoy the sneak peek! Video highlight coming soon..

Venue: Ahavas Torah

Music/Entertainment: Malkah DJ

Caterer: Meisners

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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) Barmitzva ahavas barmitzva brooklyn camera family goldgrab jewish naftoli naftoli goldgrab photography nikon ny photography portrait torah Sun, 27 Nov 2016 23:03:49 GMT
Yaakov's Bar Mitzvah              Starting with a Friday afternoon photo session, we met in Woodmere to photograph Yaakov reading from the torah, and then again Saturday night for an awesome party! So nice to work with such a fine Bar Mitzvah boy from such a great family! Mazel Tov Yaakov!

Venue: Sefardik Temple

Music: EvanAl Orchestra

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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) Fri, 25 Nov 2016 17:47:03 GMT
Wedding of Duvid & Miriam                     Had a blast by Duvid Miriam's Wedding! Such a photogenic Chosson & Kallah! Thank you for allowing me to photograph your special day! 

Mazel tov! Hope you enjoy the sneak peek, Video Highlight coming soon...

Venue: Ateres Chynka

Music: Yoel Falkowitz, Dudi kisch.

Flowers: Chaya Suri Freund


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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) Rockaway barmitzva brooklyn camera chynka family goldgrab jewish naftoli naftoli goldgrab photography nikon ny photography portrait Mon, 21 Nov 2016 16:56:34 GMT
Kalmy's Bar Mitzvah                 Super pumped about this awesome Bar Mitzvah! Kalmy was real fun to photograph! Its always great to work with a family that loves creative out of the box pictures. Check out this awesome Mannequin challenge we did, orchestrated by super talented Mayer Kay! enjoy the sneak peek!

Venue: JCC of Marine Park

Caterer: Meir Whiteman

Music: Moish warsh

Motivator: Meir Kay

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]]> (NaftoliGoldgrabPhotography) Barmitzva Mannequin challenge Meir Kay brooklyn camera creative family jcc jewish naftoli naftoli goldgrab photography nikon ny photography portrait Wed, 16 Nov 2016 03:45:02 GMT
Hannah's Bat Mitzvah                   Some Amazing fall colors with an Amazing Bat Mitzvah girl! Had a blast photographing this super photogenic family this morning for beautiful Hannah's Bat Mitzvah. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

Venue: Womens Club of Ridgewood

Music/Entertainment: Jap Professional DJ & Entertainment

Caterer: Executive Caterers

Photography: Naftoli Goldgrab Photography

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